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I'm going to clean up my deviant account, which means I will delete most of my old arts, including most of the megaman stuff, if you want to say goodbye and save these images, please do it ASAP.
The clean up will start in few days.

Thank you!!!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
People's Republic of China

Okay, so hey! Really happy to meet you guys.

I'm so glad that you can come and stay my dA page, and there are some attentions I would like to show you at first:

1. Most of the pics in here, are Megaman/MMZ, but since Capcom mess up the megaman (hope u know what I mean) I haven't draw megaman for a long time. And some earlier pics in here are actually my dark history (which means old and they looks But I will try to find my love of MMZ back. _(:3 J Z)_

2. Before you view my gallery (maybe u did after anyway!) there are some robot yaoi included...if you don't like it, then don't look.

3. Sorry for my terrible English skill _(:3 J Z)_ If you cannot understand what I'm talking about feel free to put any kind of cakes on my face.(wait what.)

4. I LOVE ALL OF MY WATCHERS, FOLLOWERS, and maybe I can called, FANS, for some reasons (in fact just cuz I'm not familair with using dA) I cannot reply to you on time, and I may not be here everyday, but I promise, I will notice you, and I am noticing.

So that's it, feel free to send me note (or just comment) and ask me anything interesting in private or public.

my Pixiv number:
1: (CLOSED) (most are megaman)…

2: (NEW ACCOUNT) (Transformers-KnockOut ONLY, INCLUDE R-18 stuff)…

My Tumblr[Most are R-18, robot porn, and Transformers-KnockOut only]

Anyway, as you know, I'm a Chinese, I'm in here to make friends, not to make enemies.
:) It's nice that you can read the whole things.


I'm going to clean up my deviant account, which means I will delete most of my old arts, including most of the megaman stuff, if you want to say goodbye and save these images, please do it ASAP.
The clean up will start in few days.

Thank you!!!
Windblade cosplay by M-Zoner
Windblade cosplay
The Windblade cos I did on Botcon 2015. Someone suggested me I should draw it out then I did it.
Detail and info is on my tumblr page:


Instead of sending me message through tumblr, you can send me notes here.

I just copy and paste them here then. But the sample is on my tumblr page I can't really move them all to here.


Details and IMPORTANT INFORMATIONS about the commission PLEASE READ

● Digital commissions only. I do scan my drawing from my sketch book but after scaning they are digital lol. (but if you want a hand drawing of grayscale picture and if you don’t mind to have it in digital way please tell me)

● I draw ALMOST everything. I’m okay with your TF OCs, or you want a humanized figure, etc.

● But you know I’m a robot and Transformers lover so… OKAY NEVERMIND

● Pokemon…monster hunter…Vocaloid…Anime girls (probably)…etc.

 What I won’t draw: illegal stuff, if you know what I mean.


● Normally, the size of my work will be A4, which is 210 x 297 mm, 300dpi. JPEG

● Of course you can ask for different size. 

● You will receive the original size of my work, with my signature on it.

● Please do not reproduce it for profit.


How to apply

 Slots: 5 this time (probably). Once they are filled I will close my commissions shotly then re-open after there are slots avalible.

● Send me a tumblr message with a title of <COMMISSIONS>, your email address andshort description about what you want me to draw, for example your character’s name and where she/he/it comes from, which game or which comic. 

● If you are one of the 5, bingo, I will reply you to both of your tumblr mail and email address. If the slots were filled, I will only reply you something like “sorry, please wait.”

● If you don’t want me to know your tumblr name and account, it’s okay for you to contact me as Anonymous. But you have to tell me your (any other) name with you email.  

● First come, first served.

● If you asked me for more than 1 drawing, as long as you would love to pay me, yes, I will do, but no more than 3, and it depends on what you want me to draw.

● You will receive a short list in the email that I send to you, please fill that up and send it back with your paypal account name.

● Please have a clear thought of what you want me to draw.

● Please reply me within 24 hours with the form.

● After you and me we both don’t have any more questions for each other, I will tell you the price then you can pay and the process will begin.


About payment:

● Paypal only, USD only.

● Please pay first. I really don’t want to suffer something like “oh this is different from what I thought, I thought the background should be blood orange color” or “damn why this drawing worth XX dollors I want refund”. I know I might sound really aggressive, but please, if you want me to do commissions for you, which means you at least trust me with my drawing skill. I had a hard time for decide open my commissions since I think my art skill is way too dump, but now I think is time to try and see if this has changed, so ,please, don’t say “no” for a simple reason like “I really think this should be that way” blah blahblah.

● Yes, if something happened that I cannot finish your drawing, I will give back your money, I’m not a stupid person.

PS: My first wave commission went really well so I will keep doing it this way, hope you don’t mind.



● How long does it take for you to draw?

A: This time I can’t promise, cuz I’m in school so my free time period is really random. As long as you are okay with the time, I will give it to you within a month (max). Last time I did the commission is summer, so I was lazy, but most of them I finished within a week. So it won’t be worse than that.

● Your style has changed! But I want the old style of yours, is that okay?

A: Of course. This is something new for me, I don’t even know how to handle it (myself). So let’s say you want your Windblade in Japanese anime style, then please just let me know, or you don’t care so I will draw it my way, or I can say, as long as I feel good about it! lol

 I asked for a huge project, should I pay you the whole fee?

A: Seriously, we can talk about that, if there are something different from the list that I showed then we need to talk about the payment. If it’s simply, then you have to pay the whole fee first.

● But the drawing really is different from what I thought, I’m not blaming your drawing skill, I still want your drawing, but, can you fix it?

A: If you are asking for a line art, it’s gonna be okay, I will fix it. For full colored picture, I will send you the line art first, if you have any big problem with the drawing, please reply as soon as possible and I will fix it before coloring it.

● I’m curious about the story, can you talk about it?

A: Yes, I’ve done some doujinshi illustrations with some of my friends and some people from internet, I got paid, it was a fun time. But one of them asked me without paying, I was kinda young (high school) so I thought it was okay. After I finished the drawing she said she doesn’t want it anymore, cuz she had someone else, and she said the drawing I did was bad. Well, without telling me she doesn’t need me anymore, she let me finished the drawing while found someone it’s better than me, it was not cool.

After the doujinshi is published and sold out, one of the artists told me none of them got paid and they had a fight on internet which is…funny.

End of the story.

● I asked for XXX, and you said no, why?

A: few reasons that I think could be the answer to this: First, as I said I’m a robot and transformers lover, if you really want me to draw Attack of Titan, that won’t happen, I don’t watch it and I NEVER drew that before. Somehow you can still ask me about what YOU think I might draw. If I said no, please don’t be mad at me. If I said yes, please keep in mind there still is a risk of me TRYING to make it looks like what you want.


Thank you everyone, thank you for supporting me, if you have any other questions you would love to ask feel free to send me a message.

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